Betting Exchange Sites in India 2023

What betting exchanges are available to Indian players? Find the answer in this article.

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What is a India Betting exchange?

Betting Exchanges FAQs

What is betting exchange?

With a betting exchange, players can lay a bet through an online platform with the possibility of leaving the market at any point of time. Players compete against each other rather than against a bookmaker and if they win, no one will be able to close their account.

Are Betting Exchanges legal in India?

Betting exchanges that accept Indian Rupees and which are based outside of India are legal for Indian players.

Is it possible to make money on a betting exchange?

Absolutely. With a betting exchange, players can earn cash in the long-term provided the right money management methods are followed and the various rules and operating methods have been learnt. 

What is the difference between Bookmaker and Betting Exchanges?

A bookmaker is traditionally the first place a potential punter seeks to bet. Often a person or an organisation, a bookmaker accepts and pays off bets – from their own money – on sporting and other events based on the odds they provide.

On the other hand, a betting exchange is a free market where users can decide their bets and act as bookmakers themselves.

What are the best betting exchange strategies?

There are various betting exchange strategies that are dependent on certain markets and odds to enter and exit the market in the event of earning profit or minimising losses. The strategies range from laying the tie, to bet the overs and dutching.

What is cash out?

Cash out comprises of a mathematical calculation that divides the profit on all markets in order to obtain a certain amount of profit before the match concludes. This is where the difference comes in between betting exchanges and traditional bookmakers.

Which sites offer betting exchanges?

There are a number of sites that offer betting exchanges such as Betfair, Smarkets, Betflag, and Matchbook, along with many more.