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Orbit Exchange is an online marketplace that allows punters to bets against each other and is different from a bookmaker, where players bet against the platform. Orbit Exchange comes with several advantages over bookie sites, making it the preferred choice for a large number of bettors as compared to usual sportsbook markets.

About Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange holds an advantage thanks to its large liquidity across a wide range of sports betting markets covering cricket, football, tennis, and basketball, along with many other disciplines at competitive prices. Orbit Exchange reviews have been positive in recent times, and being powered by Betfair since 2017, has numerous agents in different parts of the world.

Since its introduction, Orbit Exchange reviews have been positive as the platform offers unique features. Orbit Exchange reviews indicate that bettors have claimed that the risk of financial loss is significantly lower while potential profits are higher than with a bookmaker, resulting in a steady transition of professional punters switching to the platform.

With Orbit Exchange, players can make several exchange bets across multiple sports and markets, which offers punters a better opportunity to maximize their betting profits.

Important features an Orbit Exchange account

While Betfair runs the platform, Orbit Exchange is different on almost every level. The interface and Orbit Exchange commission charges upon winning bets vary between the two and the only identical feature is the liquidity and odds.

A minimum bet of €7 or its equivalent can be placed by bettors on Orbit Exchange, although players can negotiate their rates with the agent/broker that is offering an Orbit exchange account.

Most agents charge a commission rate of around 3 percent with Orbit Exchange, which is lower than on Betfair.

There are no premium charges when opening an Orbit Exchange account. Due to this, many professional bettors have been shying away from Betfair, and have made the shift to Orbit Exchange as a significant amount of money can be saved over time.

Players should, however, note that some agents could impose a higher Orbit Exchange commission rate of around 6 percent your Orbit Exchange account fails to yield them significant profits. Other agents might also limit your account features in order to prevent you from being overexposed beyond a given slab.

There is a ‘Cash Out’ button in Orbit Exchange that allows you to lock a profit/loss before an event is completed. Matched bets can be ‘Cashed Out’ by using this button.

Benefits of signing up with Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange is ideal for punters looking for competitive liquidity in markets with the ‘lay’ and ‘back’ betting options. Bettors can trade and maximize their profits as a match/event is in progress and even before the event has commenced. The platform is also accommodating to long-term winners and arbitrage bettors. As of now, there is no Orbit Exchange software or Orbit Exchange apps, and players will simply need to head to the official website to sign up and begin competing.

What is back bet on Orbit Exchange?

A betting exchange has two types of players; one who places a ‘back’ bet and the other who places a ‘lay’. With a back bet, players are able to choose the outcome of a match or event while deciding the stake, which is similar to placing bets with a bookmaker.

To place a back bet, bettors need to click on the price next to the selection of their choice.

The player will then need to insert their preferred stake in the stake box, following which the potential profit is displayed in the Bet-Slip. With back bets, potential profit is equal to the stakes (odds -1).

Once their selection has been confirmed, players need to press the ‘Place bets’ button that offers bets that can be returned as unmatched, partially matched, or matched.

What is lay bet on Orbit Exchange?

A ‘lay’ bet is another form of betting on Orbit Exchange. Instead of betting against the platform, players bet against the outcome of a match or event. Bettors can bet on a team considered underdogs and their opponents who are considered match favourites. With a lay, punters can bet on the stronger team expected to finish as winners, while placing additional bets against the losing team. A lay bet, however, is matched with other players across the betting exchange.


What documents do I need to sign up for Orbit Exchange?

Ans. As a customer, you will need to produce your photo identification (passport, citizen card, or photo driving license) along with proof of address with a maximum back date of three months. This can be in the form of an electricity bill, credit card bill, or bank statement. You will also be required to provide a bank statement of the account where the funds will be transferred to/from. This is in compliance with international AML standards. Also note that information is not shared with any third party without the customer’s consent.

Q. Is there a service cost?

Ans. The service is free of cost and there are no premium charges with Orbit Exchange.

Q. Does the exchange gain any benefits?

Ans. The exchange generates turnover on sportsbooks and betting exchanges, and receives a referral payment fee made by firms providing the service when made to bet brokers and Orbit Exchange software platforms.

Q. What are the payment options?

Ans. Deposits and withdrawals are generally made via bank transfer. Other payment methods include net banking, credit card, debit card, and UPIs. Customers will receive our bank details while setting up their bank account details.

Q. Is there a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?

Ans. A minimum deposit of €10 or currency equivalent depending on the country you reside in is required. The minimum free withdrawal is €10.

Q. How do I withdraw my earnings?

Ans. Orbit Exchange offers a simple withdrawal process. Customers simply need to request their withdrawal amount through the official Orbit Exchange website.