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History Of Football Games: Football is a game that is played by nearly every nation in the world. It is so easy and simple that kids can play easily even on a small ground.

However, for international and big tournaments, it is necessary to have a fixed big ground. Football is a team game, in which it is necessary to have two teams.

There are 11-11 players on both teams. There is also a goalkeeper in both teams. The rest are strikers, defenders, and midfielders.

The basic rule of the game is that a team has to deliver the ball to the goalpost of the opposing team. The number of times the ball is delivered to the goal post of the other team, that many goals are considered.

Also, that team has to prevent the ball from going into its goalpost as well. This work is done by the goalkeeper for both teams.

History Of Football Games:

People have various ideas about the source of the word football. During this game, the ball has to be hit with the foot, due to which it got its name football.

Although the actual source of origin of this name is not known. According to FIFA, football is an evolution of the Chinese game Suju. The game was developed in China during the Han Dynasty.

This game was played in Japan under the name of Kemari during the reign of the Asuka dynasty. Later in 1586 AD, it was played in Greenland by the workers of a captain of a sea ship named John Davies.

The journey of the development of football was presented in the form of a book by Robert Broz Smith in 1878.

Football In The 15th Century

In the fifteenth century, a game called football was played in Scotland, where it was banned under the Football Act in 1424, although the ban was soon lifted, by then people had lost interest in the game.

It was and after a long time, its rebirth is seen in the nineteenth century. Although during this time it was being played in many other places.

In the year 1409 AD, Prince Henry IV of Britain used the word ‘football’ in English for the first time. Along with this, it also has a detailed history in Latin.

Overall, it can be said that today a small-looking football contains a very long history in itself.

Football In The 20th Century

In the 20th century, the game began to require an institution that could take care of it on a regular basis. Many such meetings were organized by the English Football Association from where an international-level organization could be built.

As a result, seven big countries of Europe France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland together established ‘The Federation International of Football Association’ (FIFA) on 21 May 1904, whose first president Robert Guerin was appointed.

Football In Present

At present football is being played on a huge scale. Many of its competitions have started happening at the national and international levels.

Along with this, many football clubs have been established at the national and international levels. The biggest competition in this game is the Football World Cup.

Many words like Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, etc. became famous all over the world in such a way that today’s youth shows a lot of interest in this game.

Football Games Format-

There are 2 teams in the football game, and each team has 11-11 players. The objective of both teams is to score as many goals as possible during the 90 minutes of play.

During the game, there is a break at 45 minutes, which is called half-time. This half-time is of 15 minutes. After this, the time of 45 minutes goes on continuously.

During this, if a player gets injured, then the game is postponed for some time under ‘Injury Time’. After this, the game starts again.

Football Ball Measurement-

Initially, the football was made from the bladder of animals, later animal skin was used on it, due to which its shape became fixed.

Through the scientific technology developed in modern times, many better football companies have been established, which are manufacturing football keeping in mind the match, age of the players, field, etc.

A soccer ball is a circular ball of circumference between 58 cm to 61 cm.

Measurement Of Field

The football field is a rectangular shape of 100 yards, 50 yards by 130 yards, or 100 m, 64 m by 110 m, and 75 m. The length of the field is called the ‘Side Line‘ and the width is called the ‘Goal Line‘.

There is a line right in the middle of the playing field, which divides the field into two equal parts. A circle of radius 10 yards is drawn from the center of the middle line.

This rotation is called the ‘Circle Of The Face‘. There are goal areas 8 yards (7.32 m) wide at both ends of the field. There is a rectangular penalty area of 18.18 yards on either side of the goal areas.

  • The length of the pitch for international matches is 100–110 meters, which can also be called 110–120 yards. The width is 64-75 meters i.e. 70-80 yards.
  • For non-international matches, it is 91–120 m in length and 45–91 m in width.
  • Rectangular goals are located at the center of each goal line, the inner edge of the vertical goal posts being 3 meters across the field.
  • The horizontal crossbar is supported by the goalposts, the lower end of which should be 44 meters.
  • The net is usually placed behind the goal but is not required by the rules. (History Of Football Games0

How Long Is A Football Match?

The total duration of a football match is 90 minutes. There is also a break after 45 minutes of play in the match. In this way, a match is played in two halves of 45 minutes each.

Some extra time is also available in both these halves, which is decided by the referee. Just like there is an umpire in cricket, there is a referee in football.

Only the final decision of the referee is valid. There is also an assistant referee in the match.

How To Toss Done In A Football Match?

Like cricket, there is a toss in a football match too, but here the captain who wins the toss does not have to take bowling-batting like cricket, but on which goal post his team will play.

Actually, the football field is divided into two parts. There are two goalposts, which are divided into two teams.

When the game starts again after a goal is scored in the match, the ball is started by placing it on the center line in the middle.

Rules Of The Football Game:

Striker (History Of Football Games)-

Their main task is to score goals.


Defenders have to do the work of preventing the members of their opposing team from scoring goals.


Midfielders have to do the work of snatching the ball from the opposing team and giving the ball to the players playing in front of them.


The goalkeeper’s job is to stop the goal from being scored by standing in front of the goalpost. (History Of Football Games)


In this, the ball completely crosses the line. Then the opposing team gets the prize, which has touched the ball last.

Goal Kick-

A goal is scored when the ball completely crosses the goal line, and the last touch of the ball by an attacker gives the defending team a chance to kick a prize.

Corner Kick-

When the ball crosses the goal line without a goal being scored and being the last touch of the ball by the defending team, an opportunity is given to the attacking team. 

Indirect Free Kick-

It is awarded to the opposing team when the ball is sent out without any specific foul and play stops.

Rules For Fouls In Football:

Yellow Card-

A yellow card is very important in a football game, through this card the referee can send the player out of the field by showing a yellow card as a punishment for his misbehavior.

Red Card-

A red card is given in the event of no improvement in the player’s behavior even after the yellow card. A red card means off the field.

If a player is tossed out, no other player should come in his place. In this way, the number of players decreases.


There is also a goal in football, which is not counted as a foul. This is called an offside goal.

In fact, according to the rules, the forward players cannot go ahead of the other player while defending without the ball, especially if a player does this very close to the goal line of the opposing team, then it is considered a foul.

Such goals are not counted. 

How Many Players Play In Football?

There are 11 players on each football team. In this way, during the match on the field, a total of 22 players including both teams are on the field at one time.

Apart from this, many players are sitting on the bench outside the field as a substitute. The number of which ranges from three players to a maximum of 12. (History Of Football Games)

During the match, if the manager of the team, that is, the coach, calls a player outside the field and sends the player sitting on the bench to the pitch, then it is called a substitute.

However, the rule also states that if a player has been called out as a substitute, he cannot return to the field. But in some football tournaments, it is allowed, which is known as a returning substitute.

As we told you first, according to the rules, only three substitutes are allowed in a match, but now it has been increased to five.

Red Card: If a player gets a red card during the match, then that player has to leave the field and according to the rules, no other player can enter the field as a substitute in place of that player.

Yellow Card: If a player receives a yellow card from the referee during a match, it is considered a type of official warning.

Positions Of Football Players:

There are 11 players on the football field. Which are usually divided into four categories. Which includes goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward.

However, defenders, midfielders, and forwards are also known as players from different positions on the field.

Let us understand in detail all the positions and rules of football.


In a football match, there is a goalkeeper who prevents the opposing team from attempting or scoring a goal. The position of the goalkeeper is very important in a football match.

Goalkeepers wear different types of equipment to protect themselves from injury during a match. Goalkeepers use helmets, pads, and face masks.

In a football match, only the goalkeeper has the right to handle the ball, but he can do so only when he is in the penalty box. Different players are not permitted to do so.


A defender’s job is usually to defend against attacks by opposition players. Along with this, the defender also works to make passes by making better coordination with other players on the team.

Coaches keep three to five defenders in the team in a match. So that the defense of the team can be very strong.

At the same time, in today’s football, the defender is divided into many parts. Which includes a center back, full back, left back, and right back.

Forward (History Of Football Games)-

Forwards are also known as strikers. The forward is the most important player in any match. The main job of a forward player is to score goals. That’s why forward players are impressive with a lot of skill and technique.

The forward player in front of the opposition goal is known as a center forward. Center forwards are physically strong players capable of good possession of the ball and scoring goals when given the opportunity.

Along with this, forward players sometimes also play the role of right and left in the match. (History Of Football Games)


Midfielders play a very important role in a football match. Hearing the word midfielder, you must have guessed that it means to hold your ground in the middle of the field.

Midfielders usually act as a bridge between the defense and the attack. Let us tell you that the midfielder in the middle of the field is called the central midfielder.

Although their number depends on the strategy of the team and the coach. If a central midfielder is called upon to defend in front of their backline, they are called a central defensive midfielder.

On the other hand, more attacking players are called central attacking midfield, who mostly help the forward players.

Apart from this, midfielder players who take charge from the flanks just in front of the full-backs are called wingers.

There are two types of wingers on the field, known as right-wingers and left-wingers. Wingers are mostly good at taking possession of the ball and passing it well.

How To Play Football?

A football game is played between 2 teams in which both teams have 11 and 11 players. 11 and 11 participants from both groups try to save the plan at their goal position and score goals at the different goal posts.

In this game of a totality of 90 min, there are 2 halves of 45-45 minutes. Some time is available separately in both these halves, which is used as and when required.

Just like the umpires in cricket, the referee has all the authority in the game of football, and the final decision of the referee is valid. There is also an assistant referee during the match, who helps the referee.

The captain who wins the toss decides whether his team wants to attack the goalpost or kick off the ball. Whenever a goal is scored in a match, play is restarted with the ball placed on the center line.

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