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Game Section On Orbit Exchange: Currently, there are many websites and platforms where you can place bets online. However, there are very limited websites and platforms where you can place safe bets.

Because every day we get to read and hear the news of online fraud. In such a situation, on which website and platform should you bet online?

This question stands before us. So Orbit Exchange is the only online betting platform that is very safe and easy.

So come, let’s know in the detail What Is The Game Section On Orbit Exchange? and about Orbit Exchange Apps:

What Is Online Betting?

Online betting is a website where participants place his/her bets on a team or a team’s player. It is based on participants’ predictions and his/her six senses.

If the participant’s prediction and six senses will be correct then he/she will win the bet and get the massive cash prize.

Where Can You Bet Online?

There are multiple websites and apps for online betting, that accept Indian users. Some websites and apps also allow users to play with the Rupee currency.

Whereas, before choosing an online betting app or website, it is essential to do in-depth research about it. Because there have been many complaints of fraud the user on some non-licensed online betting apps and websites.

But, Orbit Exchange is the most useful website to enter the online betting world. Orbit Exchange software is not only sufficiently, safest, and licensed but also is an easy-to-use online betting platform as compared to other betting apps and websites.

What Is Orbit Exchange?

Orbit Exchange has evolved into one of the easiest and most valuable platforms by constantly adjusting itself based on user experience and feedback.

Orbit Exchange is a secure online marketplace managed by Betfair where participants place bets very easily. Likewise, the presence of ‘Lay’ & ‘Back’ options on the Orbit Exchange Application makes betting more flexible.

What Is The Game Section On Orbit Exchange?

At Orbit Exchange, you can not only bet online on more than 30 games but also win great cash-back prizes. So let’s see what sports you can bet on Orbit Exchange:

  1. Sic Bow:

It is a popular casino game played with three dice which is of ancient Chinese origin. Sik bo is also known as tai-sai, dai-siu, big and small, or hi-lo.

At the same time, the game is widely played in casinos in China, Macau, and Hong Kong. Since 2002, Sic Bo can be played legally in licensed casinos in the United Kingdom.

  1. Cowboy:

Cowboys This is a card game. All the players involved in this game choose a box and place a bet on it. After the countdown is complete, the cards are revealed. The player’s victory or defeat depends on the cards.

  1. Jhandi Munda:

Jhandi-Munda is a very old and very interesting game. This is a kind of gambling game, which is mostly played in the villages. Let me tell you that 6 dice are used to play Jhandi-Munda.

  1. Dragon-Tiger:

Dragon Tiger is such a game that many people are earning thousands of rupees a month by playing it. If you know the basic rules of the dragon-tiger game? So you too can earn good profit by playing this game online on Orbit Exchange.

  1. Inside-out:

Inside-out is also a card game that has become popular all over the world in a very short span of time. Inside-out is the traditional Indian gambling game also known as ‘Katti’.

Let me tell you, Inside-Bahar is a card game inspired by games like Dragon Tiger. Of all the casino card games, the game is the easiest to learn inside and out.

  1. Roulette:

Roulette is a very popular game played in casinos around the world. For your information, let us tell you that Roulette is also a gambling game in which people bet that the small ball will go into which box of the rotating wheel.

You can play this game online by visiting the Orbit Exchange website.

  1. Baccarat:

Baccarat is a very easy and slow-paced casino game that anyone can play comfortably. At the same time, playing this game does not require any special strategy or skill.

That’s why it is considered an excellent game for new players. You too can become rich by playing this game online on Orbit Exchange.

  1. Blackjack:

Blackjack is a well-known casino banking game. At the same time, it is also the most widely played casino game in the world.

The game is also known as Twenty-one, Pontoon, or Wings-at-un. If you know the basic rules of this game then you can win big money by playing this game online on Orbit Exchange.

  1. Poker Hold’em:

Poker is a card game that can be played with a variety of techniques. In this game, some cards remain hidden (blind) till the end of the game and they are shown at the end.

The winner is selected based on the combination and order of the cards held by him. Not only can you play it on Orbit Exchange, but you can also win big money from it.

  1. Dream Catcher:

This game is launched by ‘Evolution Gaming’. Dream Catcher is very easy to play. In this game, there is a round wheel on which numbers are given.

Whereas, the player has to place his bet on any one number. Afterward, the wheels with that number are rolled. If the stick lands near the number on which the player has placed his bet, then that player wins.

And if the stick does not land on that bet number then that player loses. However, the Dream Catcher game is currently only available at reputable online casinos such as Orbit Exchange.

Apart from this, there are 20+ games that you can enjoy on the Orbit Exchange website.


1. How many games can you bet on in Orbit Exchange commission?

Ans. You’ll be cheerful to know that, you should place a bet on 30+ various sports games at the Orbit Exchange application. like:

  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • American Football 
  • Baseball 
  • Horse Racing
  • Rugby 
  • Rugby Union
  • Gaelic Games
  • Dart 
  • Card
  • Esports 
  • Boxing
  • Cycling 
  • MotorSport 
  • Netball
  • Golf 
  • Ice Hockey 
  • Special Bets 
  • Snooker 
  • Hockey
  • Politics, etc.

2. What Is The Difference between Betfair Verses Orbit Exchange Commission?

Ans. Orbit Exchange Software Commission will charge users less than 4% on all win amounts. While on Betfair the user will have to pay around a 5% charge.

3. What Is Orbit Exchange?

Ans. Orbit Exchange is an online marketplace for users to bet online against each other rather than a bookmaker. Orbit Exchange will quickly become a user favorite because it is very easy and simple compared to others.






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