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Benefits of Orbit Exchange


One of the top white labels for Betfair is Orbit Exchange, which was founded in 2017. Bettors desperately required a replacement due to Betfair’s (the largest online betting exchange in the world) restrictions in many countries, and brokers and agents responded by creating Betfair’s alternatives. One alternative to Betfair was created with the creation of Orbit Exchange. Due to its offerings being comparable to those of Betfair, gamblers today favor Orbit exchange.


In this article, we’ll examine what Orbit Exchange has to offer and why it’s superior to many Betfair swaps. You can have a closer look at Orbit Exchange before we get into what it is and its features. Additionally, a page specifically for Orbit Exchange agents can be found here.


Orbit Exchange: What is it?


Orbit Exchange is a cutting-edge business and sports exchange provider that uses Betfair to provide the best Betfair services. This operator is one of the most reputable betting exchanges in existence today and holds a license from the Curacao e-Gaming Authority.


Now that this is established, let’s examine the advantages and features of Orbit Exchange:


Advantages and Features of Orbit Exchange


  • A variety of markets and sports


You may bet on a fantastic selection of well-known sports at Orbit Exchange. Soccer, basketball, tennis, cricket, American football, athletics, rugby, horse racing, and motorsports are just a few of the sports. You may place bets on markets like 12, over/under, both teams to score, odd/even, handicaps, and bets on cards and corners on this platform. It’s challenging to overlook your favorites due to the wide variety of sports and markets.


  • Unusual odds and wagering choices


Not only does Orbit Exchange provide markets, but it also provides odds that are very competitive. The chances are first presented in a European format, making them simpler to comprehend and analyze. It is evident from just looking at a few markets’ odds that this platform is committed to boosting users’ profitability.


In addition to their top-of-the-pack odds, they also provide pre-event and in-play betting options, which let you wager on games while they are happening. Remember that you may get these premium real-time odds, match stats, and bet slips with just one click, all of which are designed to enhance your experience on the website.


  • Common methods of payment


Another feature that demonstrates how much Orbit cares for its users’ welfare is this one. Although the platforms themselves only have a few payment choices, they nonetheless provide the most common ones. Here, you can use your preferred bank or popular payment services like Skrill and Neteller. So, how does Orbit Exchange meet the needs of customers that require alternative payment methods, such as cryptocurrency? They have a number of agents who provide a variety of payment methods.


The lowest bet size on this platform is 7, so even new players and those who want to spread their risks across a number of tiny wagers are catered for. Additionally, they provide 100% settlement, which results in safer payments.


  • Poker and casino room


Numerous sporting events were postponed in 2020 in an effort to contain the infamous Covid-19. People still needed to gamble despite these things, so Orbit added casinos and poker to their betting market. Casino games including Baccarat, Hold’em, Blackjack, Hi-Lo, and Card Derby Racing are currently available. For those who favor live betting, there is also a live casino option.


  • Better user interface and design


Although Orbit Exchange offers features that are essentially identical to those of Betfair, the layout of the website has been improved. Their outstanding front-end website is incredibly simple to use and contains features that are highly responsive. The website is totally mobile-responsive for use on tablets and smartphones. You can always get in touch with their excellent customer service team if you have any inquiries, suggestions, or requests.




Orbit Exchange is the greatest platform for bettors worldwide who want features of the actual Betfair and more, as can be seen above. You will find here an infinite number of marketplaces, each with the best odds. Especially if you choose the agent’s path, Orbit Exchange gives you the opportunity to top off your account with your favorite payment method. Orbit Exchange is the ideal Betfair substitute available right now because of all these advantages as well as the fact that creating an account is cost-free.


Advantages of Orbit Exchange FAQs


  • What exactly is Orbit Exchange? 


To offer the best Betfair services, Orbit Exchange, a cutting-edge company and sports exchange provider, leverages Betfair. This operator has a license from the Curacao e-Gaming Authority and is one of the most renowned betting exchanges in operation today.


  • What do Orbit Exchange’s user interface and design offer? 


Despite having capabilities that are nearly identical to Betfair’s, Orbit Exchange’s website design is more user-friendly. Their fantastic front-end website has features that are highly dynamic and incredibly easy to use. The website works well on tablets and smartphones and is fully responsive.


  • What methods of payment are offered by Orbit Exchange? 


The sites themselves only offer a few payment options, but they nevertheless offer the most popular ones. Here, you can pay using your preferred bank or a number of well-liked options, like Skrill and Neteller.

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