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Orbit Exchange, an alternative to Betfair exchange powered by Betfair themselves, is one of the best online marketplaces to bet against other interested bettors in the market. Compared to a traditional sportsbook, Orbit Exchange offers a plethora of features and advantages to quickly become one of your favorites. Since 2017, the platform offers good value for prices and higher liquidity across a wide range of markets. Furthermore, the  ‘back’ and ‘lay’ options on Orbit Exchange give the Orbit Exchange user much more flexibility with betting. 

In this article, we will explore the steps of how to open an Orbit Exchange using an Orbit Exchange portal or a broker. There are several brokers which will help your betting process and act as an aggregator for you in Orbit Exchange. One of the best brokers is the BetInAsia broker which charges a low commission on all your winning bets. Here is how you open an Orbit Exchange account using the BetInAsia portal. 

Opening an Orbit Exchange account from the Orbit Exchange Portal

Please follow the steps mentioned below in order to successfully open your Orbit Exchange account from the Orbit Exchange Portal. These basic steps will help you to open an Orbit Exchange account from the Orbit Exchange Portal.

  • Register with the portal and complete your KYC documentation to make a successful deposit. 
  • Next, press on “Create account” and enter your desired Orbit username and password. Keep in note that the username needs to be at least 5 characters long. 
  • Now, transfer your desired amount of funds to your Orbit Exchange account. 
  • For transferring funds to your new Orbit account, you will have to need to make a transfer “from” your BetInAsia wallet “to” your Orbit Account. Enter the desired amount of money that you wish to transfer and then click on ‘Request Transfer’. 
  • For more information, you can contact support to get immediate assistance on making your Orbit Exchange account via the broker and their portal. 

Commission in Orbit Exchange

If you check out most of the Orbit Exchange reviews, you will find that a great number of Orbit Exchange customers are extremely satisfied and happy with the commission charges that come with your winning bets. Orbit Exchange charges a 3% commission on behalf of the broker on all winning bets. Furthermore, there is no extra commission or fee for losing bets. Let’s take an easy example to understand this. 

Suppose, you place a bet at evens (2.0). Now, the user and the other person should have wagered equal amounts and the winner would get as much as they had bet. If the two people in this example placed 100 each, the winner would get their stake back and an additional 100! Here, the commission would be charged on the additional 100, and hence, it would be just 3. 

What is Cricketbook? 

The recent rise and fame that cricket has gained make it an attractive option for bettors to try their hands at these games. Here comes Cricketbook, an extension of Orbit Exchange that exclusively caters to cricket fans. 

Do keep in note that the balances for Orbit Exchange and Cricketbok are separate. However, a simple transfer is all that you need to do to relocate your funds according to your needs. This will let you focus solely on cricket and keep that account separate from your main exchange account on Orbit so that there is no interference between the two. 

There are additional betting options and special markets available on the Criketbook trade page. For added liquidity on your favorite cricket games, this is an excellent option. You’ll find a variety of options in the middle section, but it’s important to note that Cricketbook only offers you to ‘BACK’ a bet on these advanced markets.

On most of the offered games, besides the scoreboard, the right side of the screen displays a livestream. So, as you can scroll or browse through the cricket betting offers, you can enjoy the game going side-by-side too! There are not a lot of options for cricket fans when it comes to watching the game. This is where this feature comes in handy. 

With the Cricketbook, bettors can access everything they need from one central account, all the while enjoying the action of cricket. If cricket is not for you, you may stick to the standard OrbitExch account.

Different Betting Options

Not only does Orbit Exchange provide markets, but it also provides odds that are quite competitive. The chances are first presented in a European style, making them simpler to comprehend and evaluate. It is evident from just looking at a few markets’ odds that this platform is committed to boosting users’ profits.

In addition to their top-of-the-pack odds, they also provide pre-event and in-play betting options, which let you wager on games while they are happening. Remember that you may get these premium real-time odds, match data, and bet slips with just one click, all of which are designed to enhance your experience on the website.


Is Orbit Exchange legal in India?

Indian gamers may also use betting exchanges that are headquartered outside of India and that take Indian Rupees.

Can I profit from the betting exchange?

Absolutely. If players follow the proper money management techniques and study the numerous operational procedures and rules, they may make money with a betting exchange over the long haul.

What are the tactics for the betting exchange?

Different betting exchange techniques depend on certain markets and odds to join and exit the market in the event of making a profit or limiting losses.