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Asia Cup 2023: Rahul Dravid Statement On India Vs Pakistan Match: India and Pakistan are part of Group-A in the Asia Cup. The match between the two teams will be played on September 2 at the Kandy ground.

The atmosphere of discussions regarding this match has become hot from now. Apart from India and Pakistan, teams from Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka will be part of the Asia Cup.

Asia Cup 2023- What Rahul Dravid Said On India Vs Pakistan Match?:

Indian team head coach Rahul Dravid is also present on the West Indies tour. After the schedule of the Asia Cup, Rahul Dravid has given his opinion regarding the match between India and Pakistan.

Rahul Dravid has expressed the hope that the teams of India and Pakistan can face each other not once or twice but thrice in the Asia Cup.

The opening matches will be important:

Rahul Dravid said about the Asia Cup that the schedule has been released, and we will have to play three times against Pakistan to qualify for the Super 4.

Our first match is against Pakistan and the second match is against Nepal and our entire focus will be on winning the first two matches. We need to play good cricket and win those matches.

Willing to play three times:

Regarding the match against Pakistan, Rahul Dravid said that if we play three times against them then it would be great because we would have reached the final and Pakistan too.

In such a situation, this match will be great for both these teams. Let us tell you that there is often more curiosity among the players about the match between India and Pakistan.

Eagerly waiting fans:

Ever since the news of the India-Pakistan match came out, fans are continuously discussing it on social media. Last time the Sri Lankan team won the Asia Cup title.

The Indian team was out of the final race after losing the match against Sri Lanka. After which Sri Lanka won the final match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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