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How To Play Football And Rules Of The Football Game: Football is a game that everyone likes, but very few people know how to play it. The same football betting game is also played.

Football betting is very popular in India. Football is a game that is given as much popularity as cricket. There are a lot of football betting sites to play football betting games.

These sites also have football betting apps. Sports betting is played on the football betting app Betway in India.

If you bet on football, then first of all you must know about the information related to football and the rules of football.

So let us tell you the important things about football and the rules of football.

What Is The Game Of Football?

There are 2 teams in a football game, those teams play against each other, we cannot use hands to play this game.

Football, as the name suggests, is about trying to score a ball using only your feet, and if a team scores a goal, it scores 1 at the end of time. The team which scores the most, that team wins the match.

Both teams have a goalkeeper, who tries to prevent the ball from being scored by the opposing team. The biggest international competition of this game is held, in which teams from all countries participate.

This competition is called the name of FIFA World Cup, till now it has been organized 4 times.

Rules Of The Football Game

Play this game, there are 11 players in both teams, who try to score goals by the players of their opposition team, the game is played by this game.

Its shape is round, and many types of rules have been made to play in this game, all the players have to play under those rules only, if any player plays against the rules of the game, then that player is expelled from the game.

You only use your feet to play this game, no player can use his hands or shoulders to score a goal. It is considered the first rule of the game to stop or hit the ball.

Only the goalkeeper has the right to use his hands and his shoulders, as he is allowed to use them all.

A team consists of strikers, defenders, midfielders, and a goalkeeper. All these players have different functions, which follow the rules of this game.

The striker’s job is to score a goal or hit the ball, the same defender’s job in this game is to save the ball from the players of the opposition team and not allow the players of the opposition team to go into the vicinity and the midfielder’s job.

If the players have the ball then snatch that ball from them. But all these players do not have the right to use their hands and shoulders to hit the ball. This is a rule of this football game.

He can only hit the ball using his feet and his head. But the last player, called the goalkeeper, who prevents the ball from being scored by the opposition team, who stands near the goal post, has the right to stop and hold the ball by using his hands and shoulders.

The game also includes rules for fouls if a player calls. So he is shown a card according to his work and whatever rule is applicable under that card, that player has to accept it.

Yellow and red cards are shown to the player. This people card is given to that player, who misbehaves with a player or umpire, then he is thrown out of the football court by showing a yellow card.

The red card is shown to the player who does not correct his behavior even after the yellow card, then he is thrown out of the field by showing the red card and he cannot come back again, nor can any other player in his place.

Can take his place. Due to this one player on the team is reduced, and the team has to bear a big loss.

How To Play Football?

A football match is played between two teams in which both teams have 11-11 players. Both teams have 11-11 players at their goalpost to save the goal and try to score goals at the other goalpost.

This game is for a total of 90 minutes, in which there is a break of 45 minutes, and two halves are given in 45-45 minutes. Some time is available separately in both these halves, which can be used as and when required.

Just like the umpire in the game of cricket, the referee is given all the authority in the game of football, and the final decision of the referee has to be accepted.

There is also an assistant referee during the match, who helps the referee. The start of the game is decided by a toss.

In this, the captain who wins the toss decides whether his team wants to attack the goalpost or kick the ball. Whenever a goal is scored in a match, play is restarted with the ball placed on the center line.

FAQs – How To Play Football

How much does a football weigh?

Football weighs 340 to 370 grams.

What is the circumference of a football?

The circumference of a football is 68 – 70 cm.

Which is the biggest tournament of football?

The biggest football tournament is the FIFA World Cup.

Which country is the originator of football?

England is called the father of football.

Which is the oldest football trophy tournament in India?

Durand is the oldest football trophy tournament in India.

Who is the greatest player in football?

The greatest player in football is Cristiano Ronaldo.

What is the famous football team of India from Bengal?

India’s famous football team East Bengal F.C. East Bengal Football Club.

Who is the best footballer in the world?

The best footballer in the world is Robert Lewandowski, Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi.

Which country is Ronaldo from?

Ronaldo is a resident of Portugal.

Who is the captain of the Indian football team?

Sunil Chhetri is the captain of the Indian football team.

How long is a football match?

The football match is of 90 minutes which two hops are of 45 – 45 minutes.

Which country is in first place in the FIFA ranking?

Belgium is in first place in the FIFA rankings but it keeps on changing with time.

Who is the current president of FIFA?

The current president of FIFA is Gianni Infantino.

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