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ICC Has Prepared Another Pitch For WTC Final 2023 Viral, Match Is Facing Bigger Threat Than Rain:

WTC Final 2023 Oil Protesters: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has built two pitches for the World Test Championship Final (WTC Final 2023) match.

This match is going to be held between India and Australia at The Oval in London, where the ICC has taken such a decision due to ‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters.

An unexpected development has come to the fore regarding the World Test Championship final match, which can have a very adverse effect on the match and spoil the pitch.

WTC Final 2023 Viral

Security at the Kennington Oval cricket ground has been beefed up after ‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters threatened to damage the pitch and ground during the match. The ICC has also changed its section 6.4 which deals with playing on an alternate pitch.

If any damage is done on a regular pitch, then that pitch will be assessed whether it is in good condition for playing or not. If it is not in good condition, then it will be considered to hold the match on another made pitch.

Rohit Sharma and Pat Cummins have already been informed of this. If both captains agree to play on another pitch after the damage to the pitch, then the game will go ahead, otherwise, the match will be abandoned on the spot.

In this match, many things can play their role in getting the result. If damage is done to the pitch, the on-field umpires will first decide whether the pitch is safe to play on or not. If a pitch is not considered safe for play, the ICC Match Referee shall be informed under section 6.4.1.

Under section 6.4.4 the on-field umpires shall see whether repair is possible on the damaged pitch, and in doing so shall consult the Match Referee. If repair can be done then the match will be started from where it was stopped. But the match referee will see that no team gets an unfair advantage on the new pitch.

Taking all these factors into account, the Match Referee shall be available to inform both the Captains and the Head of the Ground Authority under section 6.4.7.

The head of the ground authority shall issue timely public notice whether the match is taking place or whether the match has been canceled or whether the decision has been taken.

Let us tell you that this match is going to start today i.e. on June 7 at 3:00 pm Indian time at the Oval in London. In this match, if the game of 90 overs is not possible on the first 5 days and the result is not found, then there is also a reserve day.

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