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Rules Of A Football Game And Information About Football: Football is one of the most popular and entertaining sports in the world. Like cricket, this game is liked in India as well as in other countries.

This game is very exciting and is played with welfare and confidence among the youth of various countries.

It is played with great confidence among the people of countries like Argentina, Brazil, Spain, the USA, France, etc.

Football is a collective game, which has 11-11 players in both teams, this game is played between two teams against each other.

The main objective of this game is to put the football in the goal of the opposing team and score maximum goals against each other.

Here, you should provide “Rules Of A Football Game and Information About Football”.

Rules Of A Football Game:


Their main function is to score goals.


The task of defenders is to prevent members of their opposing team from scoring goals.


Midfielders have to position of snatching the ball from the opposite team & giving the football to the players playing in front of them.


The goalkeeper’s job is to prevent goals from being scored by standing in front of the goalposts.

Types Of Football Kicks:

1. Throw-In-

In this, the ball completely crosses the line. The prize is then awarded to the opposing team that touched the ball last.

2. Goal Kick-

A goal is scored when the ball completely crosses the goal line, and the last touch of the ball by an attacker gives the defending team a chance to kick a prize.

3. Corner Kick-

When the football crossed the goal line without a goal standing scored & having last touched the football by the defending team, a chance is given to the attacking team.

4. Indirect Free Kick (Rules Of A Football Game)-

It is awarded to the opposing team when the ball is sent out without a specific foul and the play stops.

Rules Of Foul In Football:

Yellow Card-

A yellow card is very important in a football game, through this card, the referee can send the player out of the field by showing a yellow card as a punishment for his misbehavior.

Red Card-

The red card is given in the event of no improvement in the player’s behavior even after the yellow card. The red card means off the field. If a player is ejected, no other player can come in his place. In this way, the no. of players is reduced.

Off-side (Rules Of A Football Game)-

In the offside rule, the forward players cannot go past another player while defending without the ball, especially if a player does so close to the opposing team’s goal line, it is considered a foul.

Way Of Playing Football Match:

A football match is played between two teams in which there are 11-11 players under both teams.

11-11 players from both teams try to save the goal at their goal post and score goals at the other goal post.

This game is for a total of 90 minutes, in which there is a break after 45 minutes, and two halves are found in 45-45 minutes and some time is available separately in these two halves, which is used when needed.

Just like the umpire in the game of cricket, the referee has all the rights in the game of football, and only the final decision of the referee is valid.

There is also an assistant referee during the match, who assists the referee. The beginning of the match is decided by a toss.

In this, the captain who wins the toss chooses whether his/her team wants to attack the kick of the football. Whenever a goal is scored in a match, play is restarted with the ball placed on the center line.

History Of The Football:

Everyone has different views about the origin of the word football, during the game the ball was hit with the foot, which is why it got its name football.

The exact origin of the name is not known, but according to FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations), it is an evolution of the Chinese game Suzu, which developed in China during the Han Dynasty.

The game of football was known as Kemari during the reign of the Asuka dynasty of Japan. In 1586, it was played in Green Land by the servants of a ship captain named John Davis. 

After this, the journey of the development of football was described by Robert Broz Smith in the form of a book in 1878.

Football Condition In The 15th Century:

In the fifteenth century, a game called Football was played in Scotland. This game was banned in 1424 AD under the Football Act, but soon the ban on this game was also lifted.

Due to being banned, people’s interest in this game decreased, and after that, the rebirth of this game was seen in the 19th century, till then this game was being played in many places.

Britain’s Prince Henry IV used the word ‘football’ in English for the first time in 1409 AD, along with this there is a detailed history of football in Latin as well.

So we can say that this small-looking football contains a very long history in itself.

Football History-Related Interesting Facts:

  • In the year 1486, in the book of St. Albans, it is written that ‘football’ is more of a special kind of ball than a game.
  • In the year 1526, King Henry VIII of England ordered a pair of shoes to be made that could be used to play football easily.
  • A poem by Sir Philip Sidney in the year 1580 describes a special type of football played by women.
  • For the first time in the late 16th and early 17th century, the rule of ‘goal’ was made in the game to bring competition between the two teams in the game.
  • For this, the players built goalposts by planting bushes on two opposite sides of the field. At that time a game of 8 or 12 goals was played.
  • Ever since the Middle Ages, there was always the threat of a ban on football.
  • This law was first passed in Britain in the year 1314, after which football had to face armed opposition in the eighteenth century.
  • In 1921, the English and Scottish Football League banned women from playing football, although this ban was lifted again in 1970.

Football Condition In The 20th Century:

  • In the 20th century, the game of football began to require an institution that could take care of it on a regular basis.
  • Many such meetings were organized by the English Football Association, from where an international-level organization emerged.
  • As a result, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland, the seven major countries of Europe, together established the Federation of International Football Association (Federation International of Football Association) on 21 May 1904, which is abbreviated as FIFA. Whose first president was made Robert Guerin.

Football Condition In Present:

  • At present football is very popular and is being played on a very large scale.
  • Many of its competitions are organized at the national and international levels. Apart from this, many football clubs have also been specified at the national & international levels as well.
  • The biggest match of football is the Football World Cup. Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Neymar, etc. to name a few are famous football players around the world.
  • Today’s youth seem very enthusiastic about this game and want to make their future in this game.

Football Games Format:

There are two teams of players in this game, and there are eleven players on each team. This is a game of 90 minutes, under which the players have to score as many goals as possible.

During a game of 90 minutes, there is a break after 45 minutes (Rules Of A Football Game), which is called half-time. This half-time is of 15 minutes.

The game after the break continues for 45 minutes. Meanwhile, if a player gets injured, then the game is stopped for some time under ‘Injury Time’ and starts again from there.

Measurement Of Football:

Initially, football was made from the bladder of animals, after some time animal skin was used on football, due to which its shape started to be fixed.

Due to the scientific technology developed in modern times, companies making better footballs have been established, which manufacture footballs by paying attention to the match, field, age of the players, etc.

A football ball is a circular ball of circumference between 58 cm to 61 cm.

Measurement Of Field:

The football field is of rectangular shape from 100 yards and 50 yards to 130 yards, or 100 m, 64 m to 110 m, and 75 m. 

The length of the football field is called the ‘side line’ and the width is called the ‘goal line’. There is a line right in the middle of the playing field, which divides the field into two equal parts. 

A circle of radius 10 yards is drawn from the center of the middle line. This circle is called the ‘circle of start’. 

There are goal areas of football that are 8 yards (7.32 m) wide at both ends of the field. There is also a rectangular penalty area of 18.18 yards on either side of the goal areas:

  • As well as in international competitions of football, the length of the field is 100-110 meters, which can also be called 110 to 120 yards. The width is 64-75 meters i.e. 70-80 yards. (1 yard is equal to 91 meters)
  • The length of the field for non-international matches is 91–120 m in length and 45–91 m in width.
  • The rectangular goal is situated at the center of each goal line, the inner edge of the vertical goal posts being 3 meters across the field.
  • The horizontal crossbar, which is supported by the goalposts, has a lower edge of 44 meters.
  • The rules do not require a net, but even then the net is placed behind the goal.

FAQs – Rules Of A Football Game

How much does a football weigh?

Football weighs 340 to 370 grams.

What is the circumference of a football?

The circumference of a football is 68 – 70 cm.

Which is the biggest tournament of football?

The biggest football tournament is the FIFA World Cup.

Which country is the originator of football?

England is called the father of football.

Which is the oldest football trophy tournament in India?

Durand is the oldest football trophy tournament in India.

Who is the greatest player in football?

The greatest player in football is Cristiano Ronaldo.

What is the famous football team of India from Bengal?

India’s famous football team East Bengal F.C. East Bengal Football Club.

Who is the best footballer in the world?

The best footballer in the world is Robert Lewandowski, Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi.

Which country is Ronaldo from?

Ronaldo is a resident of Portugal.

Who is the captain of the Indian football team?

Sunil Chhetri is the captain of the Indian football team.

How long is a football match?

The football match is of 90 minutes which two hops are of 45 – 45 minutes.

Which country is in first place in the FIFA ranking?

Belgium is in first place in the FIFA rankings but it keeps on changing with time.

Who is the current president of FIFA?

The current president of FIFA is Gianni Infantino.

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