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Will 17th Season Of IPL 2024 Not Be Held In India?: After the bitter memories of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 final, the entire focus of cricket fans is now on IPL 2024, where preparations for the new season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) are going on in full swing.

Like every time, this time an amazing craze is being seen regarding the tournament. However, this time due to the general elections, news of the delay in releasing the IPL schedule has come to light.

Will 17th Season Of IPL 2024 Not Be Held In India?

Actually, like every year, the IPL in 2024 is expected to start at the end of March. This tournament, which started in the year 2008, and now it will ready to organize its 17th season. But this time the parliamentary Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is going to be held in the India.

Release of the IPL 2024 schedule has been delayed due to the general elections. It is reported that the IPL schedule will come after the announcement of the general election date by the Election Commission of India.

According to the report of news agency ‘PTI’, the IPL governing body will announce the schedule of 2024 IPL only when the Election Commission of India decides the date of 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

India Or Abroad, Where Will IPL 2024 Take Place?

Various media reports have even said that all or half of the 2024 IPL could be held outside India due to parliamentary elections. The statement said that this will be decided only after the date of general elections. Now it will be interesting to know when the official schedule of the tournament will be released and where it will be held.

When Will The 17th Season Of IPL Start?

After the five-Test series between India and England in February-March, IPL 2024 is likely to be held from the third week of March to the third week of May. Anyway, the date of IPL will be announced only after the announcement of the date of parliamentary elections.

According to PTI, the IPL Governing Council will wait for the important announcement of the general election dates by the Election Commission of India. This important announcement will play a decisive role in determining whether the IPL will be completely held in India or this much-awaited T20 Mahakumbh will need to be partially shifted.

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