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ICC ODI Rankings: Babar Becomes No. 1 Again By Defeating Shubhman Gill: The ICC ODI rankings have seen frequent changes. Babar Azam remained at the top position and no one had removed him for a long time.

During the World Cup 2023, Gill had achieved the number one position by defeating Babar but now the matter has changed again.

ICC ODI Rankings

Babar Azam is at number one with 824 rating points. Shubhman Gill is at number two. Gill has scored 810 marks.

The change in ranking has happened due to Gill not playing. Gill was left out of the ODI series against South Africa. This happened to prepare for the test.

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Babar Becomes No. 1 Again By Defeating Shubhman Gill

Due to Gill not playing, his rating points dropped and Babar Azam moved from number two to number one. However, there has been no change in the positions of numbers three and four.

Virat Kohli remains at number three and Rohit Sharma remains at fourth position. In the ranking of bowlers, Keshav Maharaj is at number one and Josh Hazlewood is at number two, Siraj is in third place.

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Who Was On Top For A Longer Time Between Virat And Babar?

Babar Azam remained the number one ODI batsman for 952 consecutive days from April 2021 to November 2023. After this, Shubman Gill overtook him and sent him to number two.

Shubhman Gill was at number one position for 42 days and now Babar Azam has come again. Virat Kohli was the top batsman in ODI for 1258 consecutive days. Kohli was number one from October 2017 to April 2021. After this Babar Azam came to this place.

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Who Had The Top Ranking For The Longest Period?

For the longest time, the top ranking in ODI has been of the great West Indies batsman Sir Vivian Richards. Richards’ record still stands.

He was the top batsman in the ODI rankings for 1748 consecutive days between 8 January 1984 and 20 October 1988.

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