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MS Dhoni Sleeping In Flight Viral Video: Fans Demand’s Fire Her Out Of Job’, Why People Get Angry At Air Hostess Who Made Dhoni’s Video?:

A video of former Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently a topic of discussion on social media.

Which he is seen sleeping inside the flight, this video has been secretly made and shared by an air hostess, after which it has gone viral. However, Dhoni’s fans have not liked this thing at all and that’s why they have started an air hostess class.

MS Dhoni Viral Video, ‘Fans Demand’s Fire Her Out Of Job…’:

Dhoni’s fans say that ‘this is a violation of someone’s privacy. Dhoni is traveling with his wife Sakshi. How can anyone do this to someone like this?

Here someone can click anyone’s photo, make a video and make it viral. This is wrong, so this air hostess should be fired immediately.

Dhoni is seen sleeping inside the flight

Let us tell you that in the video of Dhoni which is going viral at the moment, he is seen sleeping on his seat inside the flight, while his wife Sakshi is seen playing mobile next to him. This is not the first time that Dhoni’s video has gone viral like this.

This video of Dhoni was made secretly

Even before this, a flight video of Mahi was at the center of discussion, but at that time the air hostess was serving him a lot of chocolates and Dhoni also reacted to it, but that video was made in Dhoni’s knowledge.

So people liked it a lot. But this time this video has been made secretly, due to which people’s anger erupted on the air hostess.

Dhoni has a strong fan following

Let us tell you that Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the most successful captains in the world, has a strong fan following.

This time under his captaincy, Chennai Super Kings has become the king of IPL for the fifth time. Dhomi suffered a knee injury during this tournament, and he underwent an operation after the tournament.

Dhoni will be seen in IPL 2024

The moment Dhoni is fine now, after winning the final match in IPL 2023, he had said that if his fitness allows, he will take a decision regarding the next IPL, at the moment he has not taken any decision, the rest a lot depends on the fans and the game. After which people are hopeful that he will appear in the next IPL season as well.

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