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Yuzvendra Chahal Viral Video On Social Media: Batting-Order Mix-Up : The Indian team has suffered a defeat in the first match of the five-match T20 series against the West Indies.

Indian batsmen can be held responsible for this defeat of the Indian team. Chasing a small score, Indian batsmen lost their wickets by playing some wrong shots and increasing the problems for India.

Lost by 4 runs:

India had to face defeat in the first match by four runs. India needed 21 runs in the last 11 balls to win. But the Indian team failed to make it.

However, Arshdeep Singh kept India’s hopes alive by hitting McCoy for two fours in two balls. But in the last over he was run out and returned to the pavilion.

Yuzvendra Chahal’s strange act:

In this match, when Yuzvendra Chahal came out to bat, a strange sight was seen. Chahal first came on the ground for batting and then returned to the pavilion.

After which Mukesh Kumar started coming inside, but then Chahal again came inside the ground and Mukesh Kumar had to go out. Seeing this act of Yuji Chahal, along with the fans, the commentators were also surprised.

Confusion With Mukesh Kumar:

Yuzvendra Chahal, who came to bat for the Indian team, landed on the field at number 10. But perhaps the team management wanted to send Mukesh Kumar to bat in his place.

Chahal had come on the field once so he had to come on the field again. According to the rules, if a player comes to the field to bat once, then no other batsman can come in his place. Because of this Mukesh Kumar was called back by the team.

Yuzvendra Chahal Viral Video On Social Media:

The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Fans are constantly giving their reactions to this. Cricket veterans are also surprised to see this video of Chahal running for batting.

However, both these batsmen could not do anything special in batting and remained unbeaten after scoring one run each.

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